The effect of coffee to boost your performance!

The effect of coffee to boost your performance!

Many people refer to the effect of coffee as doping. Read below if it is true.....

If you want to get going in the morning, or if you want to overcome an afternoon depression, make sure to grab a cup of coffee. However, many sportspeople also swear by coffee and the cafeeine to be more powerful.

How and when should I drink coffee?

Does the routine before exercise really work?


Coffee has left its bad reputation behind long ago. If you do not drink coffee in abundance, it shall even counter various diseases and support cardiac function.

Many coffee fans even attest to improve their attention, concentration and reaction time. This being said, coffee becomes also interesting for athletes. Indeed, medicine journalist Mr. Sven David Müller confirms that it can increase physical strength. As a performance enhancer, coffee is particularly suitable for endurance sports or weightlifting. Likewise for brain teasers like chess or shooting coffee acts almost like doping.

The absorption of caffeine stimulates the nervous system and thus the production of neurotransmitters. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the "drug" to fully develop its effect. Therefore, you should drink coffee around half an hour before your sport activity. Whether you prefer your coffee black or with milk is irrelevant to the physical reaction. However, A big frothy Latte Macchiato could be a bit heavier in your stomach than a short Espresso.


1. Coffee is an energy booster.

2. To get the best result you should have a coffee 30 mins before your exercise.

3. A short Espresso is better than a milk coffee.